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Eye Care to Maintain Your Vision

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Eyewear Services | Avon Vision Centre | Avon, OH

At Avon Vision Centre, we utilize the latest in research and techniques in order to provide the best eye care to patients. We offer a variety of services to help our patients reach their optimal visual efficiency and eye health. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing our patients leave our office with improved and restored vision.

Our practice is based in Avon, OH, and welcomes clients from surrounding communities. For more information about our available products, services, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today at (440) 934-2710.

Services we offer include, but are not limited to:

Full-Scope Family Focused Optometry

Our Optometrist, Dr. Jeffrey A. Oberg and his knowledgeable staff, are equipped to handle any kind of eye care need, for all family members. From young children, through to the elder years, we understand the different stages of development through life, and how that matters to your ocular health. For example, when children enter into their teen years, or when a mother is expecting, can temporarily or permanently affect eyesight. We know how to examine and treat both. No matter the reason for your vision change, we know how to help you see clearly and strengthen your vision.

Eyewear Services | Avon Vision Centre | Avon, OH

Eye Examinations

Early Age Eye Exams

In keeping with our family focused approach, one of our specialties is in eye exams for children! Making sure your child’s visual health is strong at a young age is extremely important to their intellectual and physical development. If a child cannot see well but has not learned that this is not normal, they may be missing things in the classroom, or in their physical education. Equally, as they are still developing, we can correct any laziness or weakness in one eye or the other, to ensure they have full utility of their sight as they grow and mature.

Adult Eye Exams

Maintaining your ocular health is important through adulthood, as certain forms of visual impairment can continue to deteriorate over time. It is good to have your eyes examined every year to ensure your prescription is still correct, and that no other issues have formed.

Geriatric Optometry

As your body continues to mature, some of the first, or last, indications of your aging can come from signs of visual degradation in the form of cloudiness or vision loss. Whether you or your loved one is experiencing major or minute vision loss, macular degeneration, glaucoma, dry eyes or cataracts, is very important to identify. As our bodies are age, injury becomes far easier, and your first line of defense against falls and incorrectly judging a space is with good vision.

Contact Lens Exams

We provide standard contact lens exams as well as excelling in contact lens exams for the difficult and complex. If you wish for more freedom with contact lenses, it is our goal to help you achieve this dream. Once we’ve got your prescription locked in, ordering and re-ordering is simple through our E-Store.

Medical Eye Care

We can save you a long wait and a huge bill by keeping you out of the ER for eye related problems and injuries! Whether you were mowing the lawn and your eyes met some unfortunate debris, or you are experiencing irregular vision or dryness, call us first! Optometrist, Dr. Jeffrey A. Oberg, will run a full medical eye exam and determine the safest course of action to properly restore your vision and eye comfort.

Surgical Co-Management

We will work closely with the Board Certified Surgeons assigned to your surgery to ensure all aspects of your ocular health are communicated in full. It is both our passion and responsibility to ensure you feel safe and well represented for any procedure from LASIK, to cataract, and various other eye care procedures, such as astigmatism correction.

Dry Eye Center For Excellence

We have developed treatment for chronic dryness, with advanced techniques and specific therapies. The discomfort of dry eye can be not only distracting and painful, but dangerous to your physical safety if you are not seeing properly. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan to help you maintain proper and comfortable eye moisture for years to come.

Emergency Access & Services

Dr. Oberg understands that emergencies can occur with your eye care and has made himself available in those circumstances. If there is any major or sudden change in your vision or any other obvious eye care emergency, please call him at 440-429-2822. When it comes to eye emergencies - never wait to call!

State-Of-The-Art Diagnostic Equipment

We want to provide the utmost and modern care for all of our patients. As medical technology improves constantly, we make sure to keep up. You will not find equipment that could be in a museum here, you will find clean, modern, digital diagnostic equipment that helps provide thorough information about the health of your eyes and vision.

On Site Vision Screenings

Getting out of the office for doctors exams can be very challenging. As a result, our practice offers on-site eye exams right at your place of business. From a singular on-site exam, to reviewing an entire staff, we’re happy to organize and provide these services to all.


We accept a variety of insurance coverages including:

VSP, Anthem, Kaiser Permanente, Medicare, CIGNA, EyeMed, United Healthcare, Aetna, HUMANA, NVA, Medical Mutual, Heritage, Blue View Vision and UniCare.

If you don't see your insurance, we will gladly fill out your paperwork so you can self-submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. If you do not have insurance coverage, we accept other forms of payment such as cash and most major credit cards.

Community Outreach

We provide eye screening for the local Public School Systems in Avon. By request, we also provide screenings to local preschools and businesses.

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Our practice is based in Avon, OH, and welcomes clients from surrounding communities.